20 Point Health Check

All of our used laptops & desktop computers go through a 20 point rigorous health check preparation for resale for your peace of mind and confidence.

Your PC or Laptop has been:

  1. Cosmetic clean of outside.

  2. Strip down, fan cleaned and thermal paste reapplied to prolong processor life.

  3. Factory restored and hard drive wiped to out of the box state.

  4. Benchmark parts stress testing to ensure no premature failure. Where parts are not in our opinion good enough we replace with new.

  5. 3 days of continuous Windows updates so your system is ready to use without slow down. This also ensures no GPU failure imminent.

  6. Keyboard check to ensure all keys are working and smooth to use.

  7. Ram memory test and upgrade where possible without any price increase.

  8. Hard drive test for bad sectors.

  9. Screen test against poor back light and hinge flicker.

  10. Card slots, usb and other ports cleaned out and tested.

  11. Latest flash player and codecs installed to ensure trouble free video playback.

  12. All Windows activated and genuine with the correct licenced version unlike most used laptops we come across from non-high street competitors.

  13. Disc drive cleaned and tested.

  14. Dc jack tested against looseness which can cause arching and electrical fires.

  15. Mains charger tested.

  16. Internet explorer and Google Chrome installed for more choice.

  17. Open office or Microsoft office installed on request.

  18. Anti-virus installed on request.  

  19. New batteries offered at trade price if required.

  20. Cmos battery tested to ensure time keeping and Bios health.

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